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Promote Your Business with Today's Most Effective Online Advertising.

What is Promolab?
Our company name, Promolab means “Promotion Laboratory”, so we analyze Internet promotion method and provide best Internet promotion solution for the corporations.

For Business Owners and Advertiser
Are you planning to enter Japanese market or already operating your business in Japan?
Have you had the problems to do Internet advertising promotion in Japan?
(Especially communication with advertising company and Internet promotion company)
Do you know how to do media campaign in Japan?
If you have problems to advertise your products or services in Japan, please ask us.
We understand your culture and business style as well as Japanese culture and business.
So we can provide you essential services and consult your promotion plan.
If you need help to do the business in Japan, we also can consult you.
We can provide:

1.Search Engine Marketing
(AdWords and Overture in Japanese)
What is AdWords and Overture?
Target people you want to sell or provide the products or services.
You can advertise your business in the search engine such as Google and Yahoo! in Japanese. When people are looking for the information that relate with your products or services, the advertising will appear to your target. AdWords and Overture take cost-per-click pricing, so it’s easy to control costs and you pay for people who are interested in your products or services. This is very high-cost-performance advertising.

2. Other Internet Promotion and Advertising
(e.g. Affiliate, Internet ad for mobile phone, RSS, etc)
If you consider Internet promotion is important for your business, we can promote efficient Internet promotion to suite Japanese market.

3. Creating Web Site in Japanese
Web site is very important tool to tell your products or services. Its design and style also significant factors to suit Japanese culture. We can create suitable web site to inform your products or services for your business success in Japan.

4. Advertising Campaign Planning
We can help you making advertising campaign plan for Japanese market.
We can help your business to operate in Japan.

Please call or mail us.
Call: 03-6416-1787 (From Oversea: 010-81-3-6416-1787)

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